Imaging Facility Guidelines

Access to Imaging and Training

  • For training on light microscopy systems, fill out the Imaging Facility Training Requisition Form.
  • Discuss project and imaging needs with the Imaging specialist. During this time a date will be set for training. NOTE: Typical wait times for a training session are 5-10 days.
  • Obtain training on equipment. Includes both theory and practical instruction.
  • All new users must attend a separate training session for each type of equipment.
  • Users are encouraged to bring their own samples to the training to ensure optimization of settings. All training will be done by specialists.
  • Users must demonstrate a thorough familiarity with the equipment and associated software prior to unassisted use.


Online scheduling is available only to those individuals who have received training on equipment. Tardiness of more than 20 minutes will result in forfeiture of reserved time and anyone can claim this period. If you have booked a microscope system and no longer need to use it, you are expected to cancel your bookings 30 minutes prior to the start time. Failure to do so may result in charges for the full amount of time that was booked and missed.


Any samples (cells, tissues, animals etc.) brought into the imaging facilities should follow all biosafety and vivarium safety protocols. Gloves from your lab should not be brought into imaging facilities although you may put on clean ones. All surfaces in contact with animals should be cleaned and dried.