Imaging Facilities

The Bioimaging facility offers imaging technology for the research community by providing access to both light microscopy and in vivo imaging equipment.

Light Microscopy

The light microscopes consist of routine systems for transmitted light and fluorescent light microscopy, as well as advanced systems with the following capabilities: high content imaging, confocal microscopy (laser scanning, spinning disk and multiphoton), TIRF, FRAP, frequency domain FLIM, and spectral imaging.

Pre-Clinical Imaging

The animal imaging systems consist of a photoacoustic system (iTHERA, MSOT) for in vivo whole animal imaging of mice, a bioluminescent and fluorescent animal imager (Vilber, Newton 7.0), as well as a multimode retinal imager with OCT (Heidleberg, Spectralis) adapted for use with small animals.

Analysis Software

Several image analysis computers equipped with software for the visualization, processing, analysis and representation of data are also available.

Training is also available for image acquisition and data processing/analysis. Training is provided to individuals as needed, or to groups in the form of seminars, clinics, and courses.