Closing your Research Activity


Each research project has a set end date as listed in the award letter or contract. These dates are final unless there is an approved extension from the sponsor. It is important that the PI and research staff of the project are aware of the budget. Please contact your research financial analyst when necessary to discuss your budget breakdown and financial reporting.

At the end of the research study/project, the research financial analyst is responsible for submitting the final report, if applicable. The PI is also responsible for informing their staff of the end date, updating payroll information to reflect the next source of funding, and closing or moving any transactions over.

To avoid the loss of unspent balances being sent back to sponsor, be sure to track your expenses accordingly to your budget; any unspent balances may have to be sent back according to the sponsors policies and guidelines.

Contact your research financial analyst when you are ready to close your activity or if you need to discuss the management of your activity.