Purchasing Cards are those cards which are charged directly to respective account for certain expense activities. These cards are used to facilitate purchase and payment of materials needed at St. Michael’s Hospital. The cards are intended for infrequent purchases.

This program is not intended to bypass the existing purchase and payment procedures at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Purchase Card purchases will be charged to a specific activity and expense code.

For information regarding to how a P-Card works and how to apply please refer to: Procurement Services (Intranet Only)

Who Can Apply for a P-Card?

  • Managers
  • Appointed Staff Members
  • Administrator Directors
  • Research Physicians

To Apply for P-Card Forms please refer to: Purchase Card Application Form (Intranet Only)

Monthly Processing:

Monthly statements are sent out every month with the activities of the last billing cycle. It is up to the Account Holder to provide all the relevant original supporting documentation in order to reconcile.

The Administrative Director must sign-off on the P-card statements every month in order to process.

P-Cards must be submitted to the Office of Research Finance with all of the relevant supporting documentation on a monthly basis for processing.

What to Purchase with the P-Card

  • Non-repeatable purchases- Reduce Administrative Load
  • Miscellaneous Transactions- Small value needed for special purposes
  • Staff Beneficiaries – Must be identified to comply with tax regulations

What to not Purchase with the P-Card

  • Patient Care Equipment
  • Capital Equipment
  • Travel Expenses
  • Jewelry/ Hardware
  • Alcohol or Groceries