Submit an Invoice for Payment

All invoices related to research must be submitted to the Office of Research Administration, Research Finance. Please follow the appropriate step-by-step procedure to have invoices processed.

If you have a purchase order (PO) related invoice, it can be sent directly to the Accounts Payable department St. Michael’s Hospital.

Submit a non-purchase order related invoice:

You may include the following information on the invoice. Please be sure to have the invoice billed to: Providence, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s Hospital. This is the only way for this to be processed.

  1. Please provide your research activity information that the invoice will be charged to on a Payment Requisition Form:
    • Company (Co) which is one digit number (i.e. 2)
    • Enter your Accounting Unit (AU) which is a two digit number (i.e. 61)
    • Enter your Account which is also referred to as the expense code a six digit number (i.e. 562407). Click Here for a listing of all of our expense codes.
    • Enter your Activity which is a ten digit number (i.e. 00000-00000)
    • Contract/Service Provider Agreement Information if applicable
  2. Once completed, the invoice should be signed by the Activity’s Authorized Signing Authority.
    Note: Forms without wet ink signatures or signatures from incorrect delegates will not be processed
  3. Submit your completed invoice to Office of Research Administration (Research Finance), 250 Yonge Street 6th floor

For further clarification on submitting invoices, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions