Membership & Terms of Reference

The Unity Health Toronto Ethics Board (REB) is appointed on behalf of Unity Health Toronto, with whom it maintains an arms-length relationship. The Terms of Reference for the REB define this relationship. Unity Health Toronto mandates the REB to independently approve, reject, propose modifications to, or terminate any proposed or ongoing research involving human participants or human materials conducted within or by members of Unity Health.

For more information, view the REB Terms of Reference.

Our Members

Updated 27 March 2024

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NameRole (Expertise)Affiliation
Dr. David MazerChair, Scientific (Anaethesia)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Michael SzegoVice Chair, Scientific (Clinical Ethics, Genetics, Privacy)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Melanie TsangVice Chair, Scientific (General Surgery)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Zoe Von AeschVice Chair, Scientific (Family Medicine)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Kamran AhmadScientific (Cardiology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Paul AngaranScientific (Cardiology)Unity Health Toronto
Mr. Frank AuCommunity Representative - Legal (Legal)Non-Affiliated
Mr. Aaron DantowitzCommunity Representative - Legal (Legal)Non-Affiliated
Mr. Christopher DewdneyCommunity Representative - Non-ScientificNon-Affiliated
Mr. Harry EnchinCommunity Representative - Non-ScientificNon-Affiliated
Mr. Malcolm EylottCommunity Representative - Non-ScientificNon-Affiliated
Dr. Marie FaughnanScientific (Respirology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. John GrahamScientific (Cardiology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Billie HardyScientific (Qualitative Research)Non-Affiliated
Dr. Stephen HwangScientific (Internal Medicine)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Charles KassardjianScientific (Neurology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Jim KitchensScientific (Internal Medicine)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Michael KutrykScientific (Cardiology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Alina LalaniScientific (Clinical Pharmacy)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Elizabeth LeungScientific (Clinical Pharmacy)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Richard LeungScientific (Respirology)Unity Health Toronto
Ms. Juhee MakkarScientific (Ethics, Privacy)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. John MarshallScientific (Critical Care Medicine)Unity Health Toronto
Ms. Michele McCallCommunity Representative - Scientific (Nutrition, Natural Health Products)Non-Affiliated
Dr. Leslie MelamedCommunity Representative - Scientific (Biostatistics)Non-Affiliated
Dr. Gordon MoeScientific (Cardiology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Melinda MusgraveScientific (Plastic Surgery)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Dominic NgScientific (Endocrinology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Arnold PinterScientific (Cardiology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Ramesh PrasadScientific (Nephrology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Mohammad QaduraScientific (Surgery)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Fahad RazakScientific (Internal Medicine)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Dalia RotsteinScientific (Neurology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Brian SteinhartScientific (Emergency Medicine)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Anne StephensonScientific (Respirology)Unity Health Toronto
Ms. Christine TierCommunity Representative - Legal (Legal)Non-Affiliated
Dr. Amol VermaScientific (Internal Medicine)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Nicholas VozorisScientific (Respirology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Andrew YanScientific (Cardiology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Atif ZafarScientific (Neurology)Unity Health Toronto
Dr. Arthur ZalevCommunity Representative - Scientific (Radiology)Non-Affiliated
Ms. Sharon FreitagSenior Director, Research Ethics OfficeUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Dharmista PatelAdministrative AssistantUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Desta RamlackhansinghOperations Lead, Research EthicsUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Andrea ChiuSenior Education and Compliance SpecialistUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Amanda (Mandy) HindleResearch Ethics CoordinatorUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Andrea LaarakkersResearch Ethics CoordinatorUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Jenny LazarevskiResearch Ethics CoordinatorUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Arlene LobrinResearch Ethics CoordinatorUnity Health Toronto
Mr. Jason McGuireResearch Ethics CoordinatorUnity Health Toronto
Mr. Tajinder (Pal) SallResearch Ethics CoordinatorUnity Health Toronto
Ms. Nancy ChaiProjects Assistant, Research EthicsUnity Health Toronto
Mr. Ronel ZamoraProjects Assistant, Research EthicsUnity Health Toronto