The Unity Health Biobank operates according to a governance structure, which includes committees responsible for Biobank oversight, operation and sample access. 


The Biobank Steering Committee provides leadership and advice regarding the strategic priorities, financial status, market strategies and infrastructure allocation of resources for the Biobank. The Steering Committee will meet at a minimum of once a year but can convene on an ad hoc basis.

  • Steering Committee Members:
    • Dr. Ori Rotstein, VP of Research, Unity Health
    • Dr. Kim Connelly, Biobank Co-Director, Director, Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science
    • Dr. Sunit Das, Biobank Co-Director, Scientist, Brain Tumour Biobank
    • Dr. Claudia dos Santos, Pitts Chair in Emergency and Acute Care, Critical Care Biobank
    • Dr. Rola Saleeb, Director of the Immunopathology Laboratory, SMH
    • Dr. David Mazer, Chair of the Unity Health REB
    • Dr. Stephen Barker, Director, Research Facilities
    • Dr. Erica Conte, Director of Funding Strategy and Stewardship


The Biobank Manager, in consultation with the co-directors, will manage the daily operations of the Biobank, including approving standard operating protocols, reviewing data collection, updating patient inclusion/exclusion criteria, approving applications for funding, establishing and updating a cost recovery schedule, planning for long-term sustainability and approving human resources issues, including hiring and training staff members.

  • Dr. Valeria Di Giovanni, Biobank Manager
  • Dr. Kim Connelly, Co-Director
  • Kim Connelly
  • Dr. Sunit Das, Co-Director
  • Sunit Das

Access to Samples

A Biospecimen Access Committee will be responsible for evaluating requests for Biobank samples, based on factors including scientific merit and project feasibility. For more information about how to access samples, please contact us here.