Genomics/Molecular Biology Core

The Molecular Biology Core labs house equipment and provide expertise to support the complete workflow for gene expression profiling (including bioanalysis, primer validation and real time PCR), genotyping, SNP analysis, viral packaging for gene delivery, cell electroporation for gene delivery, laser capture microdissection specialty service and other various methods to interrogate the molecular regulation of various biological processes.

In particular, utilizing the suite of real time PCR machines in the core, single gene expression profiles and array screens (i.e., miRNA, ORFs) can be easily performed, providing critical information on the regulation of transcription by various biological stimuli. Importantly, the molecular biology core offers training, protocol development, validation, data analysis and consultation services to help support your research project.

Resources for these experiment types are offered below both in terms of background information and general protocols, recommendations, tricks and tips.

For scientists not holding grants at the LKSKI that are not paying RCF fees we offer a variety of services. See information on pricing and how to access resources: