Acknowledgment of Core Specialists

The Research Core Facility is an integral and essential part of the Keenan Research Centre, enhancing the productivity, interaction and collaboration between scientists, their staff and students among the diverse research programs. As such, we would like to encourage you to acknowledge the RCF in your publications. The following is suggested language for any publications involving the resources of the RCF:

“The authors would like to acknowledge the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science Core Facilities at St. Michael’s Hospital [and if applicable the name of the specialist] for [insert as appropriate – i.e. technical advice and expertise, training, etc.]”

Authorship of Core Specialists

If the Core Specialists have provided intellectual input or special effort to your studies please consider authorship as appropriate. For guidelines about authorship policies you may refer to Nature Research Journals’ Authorship policy.

This is a great opportunity for our Research Core Specialists to receive profile and recognition.  Thank you as always, for your support and assistance.

Publications with Acknowledgement and/or Authorship

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