The Waste Wizard

Do we recycle coffee cups? Are stir sticks considered organic waste? Do we recycle batteries? Explore below to find the answer to these questions and more.

1 mL & 200 µl plastic pipette tipsSharps
10 µl pipette tipsBiohazard yellow bags
6/12/24/96 well platesBiohazard yellow bags
Aerosol canLandfill
Aluminum cansRecycle
Aluminum foil (tin foil)Landfill
Aluminum traysRecycle
Artificial plantsLandfill
Bandaids or dressing containing dry blood or body fluidsBiohazard yellow bags
BatteriesUsed battery container located behind the security desk, in the lobby of the LKSKI.
Black plastic containersLandfill
Bleach/cleaning bottlesRecycle
Bottle capsRecycle
Broken equipmentLKSKI loading dock next to the compactorAll equipment must be decontaminated before being disposed of. If the equipment is heavy/oversized, please contact Housekeeping (416-697-6941) to assist you.
Broken glass (flasks, bottles)Sharps
Bubble wrapLandfill
Can lidsRecycle
Candy wrapperLandfill
Cardboard (ie. boxes, cans, tubes)Recycle
Cardboard drink trayRecycle
CD casesLandfill
Cell culture flasksBiohazard yellow bags
Cell scrapersBiohazard yellow bags
Centrifuge tubes plastic packaging bagLandfill
Cereal boxRecycle
Chip bagLandfill
Chocolate box Recycle
Cleaning wipesLandfill
Coffee cup lidRecycle
Coffee cup sleeveRecycle
Coffee cups (lined with wax)LandfillStarbucks, Subway, Tim Hortons, McDonalds ext.
Coffee filtersOrganics
Coffee groundsOrganics
Coiled notebookRecycle
Coloured paperRecycle
Compostable bagsOrganics
Contaminated absorbent padsBiohazard yellow bags
Contaminated glovesBiohazard yellow bags
Contaminated paper towelsBiohazard yellow bags
Cotton balls and swabsLandfill
Countertop absorbent padsLandfill
Cracker boxRecycle
Crinkly plastic packagingLandfill
CryotubesBiohazard yellow bags
Dairy productsOrganics
Dish detergent bottleRecycle
Disposable gownsLandfill
Elastic bandsLandfill
Empty coffee creamer containerRecycle
Empty hand sanitizer bottlesRecycle
Envelopes Recycle
E-wasteHelpdesk x5751
Falcon tubesBiohazard yellow bags
File foldersRecycle
Foam microscope slide boxLandfill
Fridge/freezerEngineering (x5080)
Frozen food boxRecycle
Frozen juice containerRecycle
Fruit containersRecycle
FurnitureHousekeeping (416-697-6941)Desks, filing cabinets, bookcases, chairs
Gift bagsRecycle
Gift wrapLandfill
Remove lid if applicable
Coloured glass products accepted (eg. green glass, brown glass)
Do not dispose of broken glass in the recycle. All broken glass should be disposed of in the sharps bins.
Glass ampulesSharps
Glass bottom dishSharps
Glass coverslipsSharps
Glass pasteur pipettesSharps
Glass petri dishSharps
Glass slidesSharps
Glass vacutainer tubesSharps
Glass vialsSharps
Glossy paperRecycle
Glove boxRecycle
Granola bar wrapperLandfill
Gum packagingRecycle
Hole punchLandfill
Ice packsLandfill
Ink/toner cartridgesCan be recycled at the receiving area on B2 PGT
Juice boxesRecycle
Kleenex boxRecycle
Kraft paper packagingRecycle
Latex/nitrile glovesLandfill
Mask boxRecycle
Mason jarsRecycle
Meat, fish, giblets and bones
Microfuge tubesBiohazard yellow bags
Microscope slide box with metal claspLandfill
Microscope slide box without metal claspRecycle
Milk cartonsRecycle
Molded plastic (eg. toys)Landfill
Muffin and cupcake wrappersOrganics
Needles with syringesSharps
Nuts, pits, seeds and shellsOrganics
Oxivir wipes containerRecycle
Padded Envelope Recycle
Paper bags (non soiled)Recycle
Paper clipsLandfill
Paper towel rollsRecycle
Petri dish plastic packaging bagLandfill
Pipette boxRecycle
Plastic bagsLandfill
Plastic cell culture tubesBiohazard yellow bags
Plastic cutleryLandfillForks, spoons, knives, tongs
Plastic food wrapLandfill
Plastic milk bagsLandfill
Plastic Pasteur pipettesBiohazard yellow bags
Plastic Petri dishes with bacterial/fungal culturesBiohazard yellow bags
Plastic stir sticksLandfill
Plastic strawsLandfill
Pop bottles and cansRecycle
Pringles containerRecycle
Purification columnsBiohazard yellow bags
Serological pipettesBiohazard yellow bags
Shipping and packaging materialsLandfill
SMH computers, laptops, phones, monitors, docking stationsHelpdesk x5751
Soiled cardboard food packagingOrganics
Soiled napkinsOrganics
Soiled paper bagsOrganics
Soiled paper food packagingOrganics
Soiled paper platesOrganics
Soiled paper towelsOrganicsWhen working in the lab space, please dispose of soiled paper towels in the LANDFILL.
Soiled pizza boxesOrganics
Soiled tissues (kleenex)Organics
Soup canRecycle
Sterile plastic packagingLandfilleg. cell culture plastic packaging bags, syringe packaging, autoclave packaging
Styrofoam boxesMedStore recycling program Please place all styrofoam boxes 20" x 20" x 20" and smaller in the designated styrofoam bin in the LKSKI receiving area.
Sugar and tea packetsLandfill
Syringes (without needles)Biohazard yellow bags
Tea bagsOrganics
Twist tiesLandfill
Vacutainer tubesBiohazard yellow bags
Water bottleRecycle
Wax paperLandfill
Wooden chop sticksOrganics
Wooden stir sticksOrganics
Yogurt cupRecycle
Ziploc bagsLandfill

The item that I need to dispose of isn't listed

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*Please note that this is an anonymous feedback form. If you have any issues that require immediate assistance, please contact Research Facilities directly.


Batteries can be disposed of in the used battery container located behind the security desk, in the lobby of the LKSKI.

Please contact the Helpdesk at x5751.

To recycle toners and cartridges, drop them off in the Receiving area on B2 PGT.

Please contact engineering at x5080 or complete an Engineering Request.

All broken equipment should be taken down to the LKSKI loading dock and placed beside the compactor. If the equipment is oversized/heavy, please contact Housekeeping (416-697-6941) to assist you.