General Lab Facilities & Equipment

Our General Lab Facilities & Equipment include:


Cell culture facility
There are two cell culture suites per floor, each contains biological safety cabinets equipped with VACUSAFE vacuum aspirating systems, CO2 incubators, a water bath, a low speed-centrifuge and microscope with color camera. The anterooms contain full sized fridge/freezers, an autoclave, a pH meter and weigh scales.

Analytical room
Fume hood, Millipore water system, acids and flammables storage units, centrifuges, plate readers, (nano-)spectrophotometers, a 2D SDS-PAGE system (4th floor only), tissue dissociator and sonicators (4th floor only) and an analytical balance (2ug lower limit; 4th floor only).

Radioisotope room (low level)
Fume hood, flammables cabinet, 4°C fridge, Beckman scintillation counter LS 6500 (4th and 5th floor only)

Radioisotope room (high level) (4th floor only)
Fume hood, acids and flammables cabinet, 4°C fridge

Tissue harvesting room (4th floor and 5th floor only)
Storage, bench space, 4°C fridge and a biological safety cabinet for harvesting tissue samples

Biohazard room
Fume hood, flammables and acids cabinet, disposal for biologically hazardous material, chemical waste

Cold room (4th floor and 6th floor only)
General storage and equipment for procedures requiring 4°

Temperature controlled room (5th floor only)
General storage and equipment for procedures requiring 4°

Glass washing facilities
Autoclave, large pass through autoclave (on the 5th floor only), MilliQ water (purified by Millipore ion exchange), distilled water (5th floor only), reverse osmosis (RO water), ice machine, glass washers, glassware drying systems, Isotemp lab oven

Receiving area
Liquid nitrogen dispensing tank to supply liquid nitrogen to all research labs (individuals will have access once they receive training from their floor Research Core Facilities specialist) and regular dry ice supply in freezer in receiving area


Emergency Use:

Three -80°C freezers are available for emergency use and to serve as a back-up while defrosting lab freezers (basement)

Emergency Procedures:

Please ensure that your lab has provided Security (Ext. 5323) with a mobile and/or home phone number for two emergency contacts. Security will attempt to reach the emergency contact if the alarm goes off or there is an emergency.

  • During the work hours: please contact one of RCF Specialists (numbers on magnets on all core equipment), who will enable access to the backup freezers.
  • After hours: please contact Security (Ext. 5323), who will enable access to the backup freezers (B107 and B107A in the basement of LKSKI West). Next day after relocating samples in the backup freezers, please inform Research Facilities.

Please find the complete Emergency Procedures SOP for the -80°C Freezers here.

Freezer Rental:

If you are interested in renting a -80°C freezer space, please contact one of our RCF Specialists to check the availability. The rate is $100/shelf/month.

For a complete list of equipment that requires booking, go to the Booking Equipment page.

The following is the list of other equipment available through Research Facilities that do not require booking:

  • ViCell Cell Counter (Room 450)
  • BioRad VersaDoc (Room 453)
  • UVP Gel Doc System (Room 453)
  • BioRad ChemiDoc Western Blot Imager (Rooms 549, 654)
  • BioRad GelDoc Easy Agarose Gel Imager (Room 549)
  • Molecular Devices M5e Spectrophotometer (Room 549)
  • Microtrac S3500 Particle Size Analyzer (Room 779)
  • Li-Cor Odyssey Infrared Western Blot Imager (Room 549)
  • BTX Mammalian Cell Electroporator (Room 549)
  • ThermoFisher Hypoxia Chamber/Workstation (Room 752)