Application Process

Apply to the Collaborative Specialization in Resuscitation Science in two steps.

To be accepted into the CSRS you MUST be enrolled/accepted to an affiliated graduate studies program/department/institute at University of Toronto.

Create your CSRS application package by compiling the following:

  1. A current resume or curriculum vitae
  2. A completed CSRS application form
  3. A copy of your most recent transcript
  4. A letter of intent (max 1 page) explaining why you want to join the program and how your research interests relate to resuscitation science. Please ensure you date and sign your letter.
  5. A brief written and signed recommendation from a faculty member, usually your thesis supervisor or a mentor, commenting on your academic abilities and the likelihood of research success in the field of resuscitation sciences. Please try to include this letter in your initial application package.  If you do not have a supervisor or mentor, kindly contact the program coordinator for advice at
    or phone (416-864-6060 x 7843).


  1. Submit the completed application package in PDF format to the Program Coordinator at