Our Biobank program is a not-for-profit research resource that is supported by research funding. We ask for fees to access our services and samples to attempt to cover some of our operational costs.

Investigators from Unity Health can benefit from subsidized fees so we can support our researchers:

  • Frozen processed blood aliquot,  $25-$50/donor
  • Frozen tumour tissue $100-$200/donor
  • Clinical data sets $25-$50/donor

External academic investigators  and possible industry partners should  contact us for further information.

To access the samples and clinical data in the SMH Brain Tumour Biobank, researchers must first consult with our staff members to discuss the suitability of the proposed research project. To arrange for a consultation please contact us here.

If the project is suitable, it will be discussed by the Biobank Governance Committee, who may ask for clarification or an amendment to the proposed project. Interested investigators should provide information including a brief outline of the project and study objectives, intended sample, projected number of required samples and information regarding project funding.

Samples can only be transferred to investigators with approved REB protocols. Please contact the Unity Health REB office for information about the REB application process. A completed contract must also be in place prior to the distribution of samples and/or clinical data. Please contact the Unity Health Research Contracts office for further information.