Please see below for information regarding the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) Funding.  Employers are eligible to receive funding for up to 50% of the provincial adult minimum hourly wage (in Ontario minimum wage is $14/hour; $7/hour provided through the program).  No coverage is provided for the additional employer costs through the program (add ~16% for employer costs on top of base salary).

We typically do not find out if our application was successful until after the student would have already started. You should budget and plan to cover the full student’s salary.  CSJ program assumes you will take a student regardless of whether or not you are awarded funding.

Deadline to apply is: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 at noon (no late submissions accepted)

 Please submit the information to Dalbir Singh.

Questions please contact Dalbir Singh

Canada Summer Jobs Guidelines:

Please complete pages 2 (part B), 3 and 4 in the PDF (a window will pop up at the bottom of the screen to open the form – select open):

Applicant Guide (for more info on National Priorities): link

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Summer Jobs:

  1. The participant must be between 15 and 30. (We would recommending hiring students who are enrolled in University or who are in their final year of high school who plan to attend university in the fall as to align with the Keenan Research Summer Student Program)
  2. They must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person with whom refugee protection has been conferred.
  3. Foreign students are not eligible.