About Us

Patient-centred Innovation in Anesthesia Clinical care and Evaluation (PINNACLE) is a research group at St. Michael’s Hospital – Unity Health Toronto that focuses on anesthesiology and surgical care. PINNACLE is led by Dr. Duminda Wijeysundera and Dr. Karim Ladha. Our research aims to improve patient health and recovery after surgery. Our overarching goal is to improve the lives of patients burdened with disability, chronic pain, and mental illness. We conduct a wide range of research projects, spanning from prospective multicentre studies to randomized controlled trials to health services research. PINNACLE has established close collaborations within the hospital, including anesthesiology, surgery, psychiatry, and geriatric medicine. Through multicentre studies, we have strong research partnerships with other research groups locally, across Canada and internationally.

Contact & Social Media

For all inquiries related to PINNACLE team research, please contact Janneth Pazmino-Canizares (Janneth.Pazmino-Canziares@unityhealth.to). For updates, follow the PINNACLE team on Twitter @PinnaclePeriop.