Resources for Patients with Diabetes

There are many prospective resources to aid individuals with diabetes. Below are a few most commonly used resources, curated by our T1ME Trial Investigators.

DiaBiteSize – Guide to Diabetes Self Management

‘Managing Diabetes’ – A DiaBiteSize Youtube Playlist, created by Dr. Parsons and Dr. Advani’s team at St. Michael’s Hospital to help people develop self-management skills and combat diabetes.

Resources: Courtesy of Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada, previously known as Canadian Diabetes Association, is a national voice of advocacy and awareness of the growing epidemic of diabetes in Canada. Diabetes Canada is on the search for a cure to end diabetes, while helping those living with diabetes live healthier lives and prevent the onset of future causes for people at risk.


Resources: Courtesy of JDRF

JDRF is a global leader in their search to end Type 1 Diabetes. JDRF advocates for individuals with T1D, seeking strategies to promote living easier, healthier and safer lives. JDRF’s goals seeks to cure, treat and prevent T1D.

Type 1 Diabetes Community: T1D Think Tank Network

Connect with like-minded people to create change and innovation for Type 1 Diabetes.


Be a Part of Diabetes Research: Diabetes Action Canada

Your experiences and give experts the knowledge they need to make diabetes care better. Become a patient partner with Diabetes Action Canada to help experts innovate in the field of diabetes.