The Critical Care Biobank will be focused on collecting samples from patients undergoing medical treatment in St. Michael’s Hospital ICU units. St. Michael’s Hospital is one of the largest centres in the world specifically dedicated to the advancement of critical care research. We are a leading site in Toronto for the diagnosis and treatment of critical illnesses, including sepsis and acute lung injury, and as a Level 1 trauma centre, we provide advanced trauma and resuscitation care.

Our biobank will use a broad consent form, trained consent staff, standardized collection and storage of samples/clinical data and standardized procedures governing sample access to create a ICU focused biorepository. This biorepository can be accessed by investigators through an application process for retrospective access to samples.

This biobank will be a resource to support clinical and laboratory studies that will advance our understanding of critical care conditions and diseases and which will support a paradigm shift in the treatment of critical illnesses. We hope to launch this resource in the winter of 2021. Please contact us for more information about this program.